…and the cow that made me cry.

I seriously welled up.  Over a cow.  Oh yes.  Misty eyed and lip quivering was I.  

The bride and groom Racheal and Matt are dairy farmers; farming is literally their lives.  Matt has a prize cow which had won a lot of awards and is his favourite.  Now this favourite cow of his had a calf and for some reason, it was sold.   Matt regretted it and did everything he could to buy the calf back.  But the answer that he got was a ‘no’. 

The reason he got a no was because Racheal and her Dad had bought the calf to give him as a wedding present.  After their church ceremony, while they were welcoming their guests, Matt was reunited with his calf who they’ve named ‘Bessie’.  To see Matt choke back his tears, Rachael cry and watch as her Dad and Matt shook hands was so touching.

It was touching because it’s a love and family thing.  It’s the fact that the people around you care about something as much as you and they will do anything in their power to make sure you get it.  They do it because they know how much it means to you and to see you happy, makes them happy.  I think that’s why I got emotional to see just how much it meant to their entire family. 

But I also really wanted to tell you about this conversation we had with one of the groomsmen who had travelled back from Australia to be Racheal and Matt’s MC.  I guarantee that I will never have another conversation like this ever again in my lifetime.

He’d bobbed out for a cigarette in between courses and had sat with Shirley (my second shooter) and I.  I kid you not, the conversation went like this:

Me: What took you to Australia? Travel or work?

MC: A bit of both actually.  The company I work for has an office out there so I combined the two.

Me: Ah OK.  So what is it that you do?

MC: I sell bull semen.

Me: [wide eyed, wondering if I’d heard right] Sorry, what was that?

MC: I sell bull semen.

*small pause*

Me: Well, I, err… This is an international farming thing?!

MC: Yep it is.

Shirley: So how does it get collected?!

MC: We employ wankers to do that…

True story people.  I’ll be dining out on that one for years. xx

Massive thanks to  Shirley from Shirley Caldwell Photography.