a word of warning…


I’m a very unhelpful person when it comes to the question: “What should we/I/they wear for the shoot?”.

This is because I’m rubbish at deciding what to wear myself on a daily basis.  But particularly when it comes to kids, I say: wear what they love.  Why?  Well, we have a picture of my sister and me when we were approximately 3 and 1.  We are inside sitting on our Gran and Grandad’s knees and she’s wearing bright red wellies.  Every time we are shown that picture we are told how much she loved those wellies and how she even went to bed in them because she point-blank refused to take them off.  We all have pictures like that.  But what I mean is, shouldn’t it be a reflection of you at that time?

Which is why I was really chuffed that Dominic was wearing his tractor jacket for this shoot.  He absolutely adores tractors, which isn’t surprising considering that his Dad is a farmer.  We shot this at their farm and we explored everything.  He showed me the golden corn, his rock treasures, his dirty hands when he climbed on a beloved old tractor.

Okay so they’re not typically ‘perfect’ images but maybe one day they’ll look back and his Mum will tell him that when I asked him what the flowers smelled of, his reply was: “Purple”.  xx