Apparently, that’s what Henry means: Ruler of the Home.  But it’s also a noble name.  A strong name.  A name that stands the test of time.  Even though he’s only 1, this Henry is all these things.

His introduction to the world wasn’t a smooth one; a very early, unexpected arrival.  

I’m not a momma yet, but I hope to be.  From the outside looking in, I suppose you could take things for granted in a way.  That when you fall pregnant you have an expectation of how things will pan out.  But then you are thrown a curveball that has repercussions that affect everything you thought would happen.  The fact that you can’t take your new arrival home straight away, can’t hold him how you thought you would be able too and how this affects the start of your new parent life.

And now,  just look at him.  This was a year to the day he arrived.  

If I was blessed with a ‘Henry’ I’d be so proud.  Ruler of the home?  Absolutely.  But for all the best reasons possible. xx