#1: Audience participation

On my ‘about me’ page, which is one of the hardest things EVER to write by the way, I say that every picture tells a story.  It kind of occurred to me really recently on a facebook post I did that was an old photograph of me and my Mum (yes I do realise that grammatically it should be ‘my Mum and I’ but I’m northern and that’s not how I talk 😉 ).  Soooo many people commented on the post about photographs and how they wished they take more and get them printed etc. 

So I thought I’d do a few blogs about it.  Because sometimes when you’re blogging a wedding somehow, elements of the story gets lost.  So let’s give it a go.

The above picture was taken during the speeches at a Laura & Craig’s Liverpool wedding; you can read the full blog here if you like.  I love the fact that they’re having blast and are oblivious to the camera as I was actually quite close to them.  But this was actually during an impromptu outburst of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ as football got mentioned.

There is something about that song that gets me.   I don’t know whether it’s the lyrics or its connotations, but it’s moving and full of pride.  This picture brings it all back; the singing, the song and the heckling on that special cold January night. xx