#3:  the first one

This is probably the first wedding I ever took pictures at.  

There was no grand design, no plan, no ulterior motive of ever wanting to do this.  I just wanted to take some pictures.  I’d bought my first digital camera and was proper chuffed with it – an Olympus-point-and press-type-affair-dontchyaknow.  

This was taken ten years ago today on the morning of my sister’s wedding.  At the time bridal prep shots were largely of brides getting ready in their underwear – genuinely.  Anyone else remember that?  I think it was the fashion at the time but something my sister was not being part of:  no way, never.  So in the morning, it was just us.

It was lovely and serene for a while: matching dressing gowns, champers, hair and makeup production line completed.  Nice, calm, relaxed.  Then, we all remembered that we were actually going to a wedding and all hell broke loose.  My 20-month-old niece started with a raging temperature, sweating and crying so she was dosed up with calpol and nursed to sleep on the couch.  The house was then peppered with the following bits of conversation:


[Knock knock knock knock]

Me: Who is it?

Clare:  It’s me.

Me:  You can come in but I warn you, I’m totally naked.

Clare:  Not bothered! Dead man’s click on touche eclat – arggggghhhhhh.  You got any?

Me:  Here y’ar.  Is now the time to put my knickers on?!

Helen:  Yeah – I just have.

Dad: [shouting from downstairs] Cars are here!!

Mum:  Sarah – can you do up my necklace?

Hayley aka Bride-to-be:  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME GET IN MY DRESS???????


But in the midst of all of the madness, I grabbed a couple of shots.  This one, this one made me go:  yeah, I’d like to do more of this.  

It’s not perfect.  It’s not edited. But I’m still proud of it.  It’s the light through her dress,  the girls I’ve known since I was four years old, it’s the house I grew up in.  It’s everything I love about capturing a wedding day.

Happy tenth anniversary to Hayley and Marc. xx

(PS.  Whaddya buy people when a tenth wedding anniversary is TIN?!).