#2 the night before..


Why why why am i posting a picture of used pizza boxes when wedding photographers should be posting all the pretty?

To be honest, I’m not sure.  But I’ll try and explain.

This is the kitchen at this particular Groom’s house where he and his mates had spent the night before with a few beers and masses of pizza.  

All the guys were there, getting ready.  When i say getting ready, I actually mean: playing on retro 90’s games like Street Fighter and desperately trying to tie their ties. Then tie them again… and again and once more for good luck.

I like the fact that I could capture something that reminds him about the evening before the big day.

I like that someone has raided an easter egg stash in chocolate desperation.

I like that there’s a pristine Monsoon bag next to it all.

I like the thought of the house falling quiet once everyone leaves to go the wedding.  Last minute checks of rings, speeches, keys, wallet etc before the lock-up to get to the ceremony.  The front door is them closed and their home falls silent – a massive contrast to the noise and party of a wedding.  But while their special day is happening, their home and all the normal things are still there, waiting for them to bundle back through the door to start their new chapter together.

Am I a bit mad, prattling on about pizza boxes?  Probably.  But it’s the everyday things in the midst of all the pretty of a wedding that I love. xx