La Leotardie: a rustic family wedding in France


I blinked when I read it:

“Did you get my message about France?”

I frantically started rifling back through my messages to check.  When I found it, I had to read it a few times.  Essentially saying: “Are you free and would you like to come to France to second shoot for me?”

Let me think, let me think…HELL YES!

The message was from my wedding photographer: Andrea Ellison and I was, quite frankly, over the moon.  To be a second for someone as generous as Andrea is awesome, and to be the second at Karla and Paul’s wedding was something else.

There is far, far to much to tell you about the trip, it was funny, beautiful, soul lifting, wine, bread and cheese.  I’ll split the story into two and try, try, try to keep the words as short as I can.

These shots are from the day or so before the wedding.  When Andrea and I arrived, it was Sunday and everything was shut.  After a dash back to the airport to buy anything we could at the small shops (if you’ve ever been to Bergerac airport you’ll get it) we arrived at La Leotardie to the warmest Irish welcome: join us, share our food, our wine, sit, chat and laugh into the wee small hours.  

The place is beautiful and in those small hours, you can smell the earth and the countryside and the flowers.  If it doesn’t hit you somewhere deep down then I’m not sure you’re alive to be honest.

The day before the wedding, Karla and Paul had a welcome BBQ with all their family and friends.  People came from far and wide: Tasmania possibly being the furthest.  It was one of those idealistic family meals where everyone helped the kids and food was shared.  For some family it was one of the very few times that all the siblings were together because they live across the world and it was difficult to all be in one place at the same time.

Times and nights like this are precious and was the perfect build up to what was about to happen the following day. xx