“Where do you stand on cheese?”

That is what I asked my husband on our first date.  

I think, I was trying to find out whether he was a cheese and biscuits person, but I was nervous and that’s how it came out (think Baby in Dirty Dancing: “I carried a watermelon”).  Luckily, he wasn’t put off and we became Mr and Mrs less than two years later in an intimate ‘do’ in the Lake District along with our mental cockapoo Charlie Bear.

When we look through our wedding pictures I can’t do it without tissues due to me laughing and getting emotional both as equally undignified. Why? Because:

every picture

tells a story

We talk through the day again and it never gets boring.  Little things:

a book my sister-in-law bought me that made me cry (“I wish I’d been born a Unicorn” – a real tear jerker),
the music we had leaving our ceremony (“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” – genuinely)
and a family in-joke about the Mull of Kintyre complete with mini bagpipes and comedy Scottish hat.

That’s why I love photography because memories really matter.  It’s also why my blog also has a category named just that.

And below… just a few little bits about me:

  • Longstanding Gin drinker (waaaaay before it was fashionable)
  • Soul baby
  • Described by friends as:  “A wee pork pie” and “As mad as an oak tree”

Rachael & Matt

“Wow the photo’s are absolutely beautiful,
I can’t tell you how pleased we are with them.”