I wasn’t going to post them.


These are the images I was afraid to post last year.  There’s not many of them but  I was going round in circles just thinking:   They’re too…[simple, ordinary] / They’re not [artistic, amazing] enough / I just dunno…

But these images that I was too worried to post, they give me an inner warmth.  Some of them are the most unremarkable bits of a wedding day.  They are the ones where:

There’s no-one left to do the toddler bridesmaids hair except the bride.

The groom does his tie for the 20th time because he’s nervous.  

There’s beers, haribo and bouquets mixed up while people run after the kids.

The bride stood at the bar and the light on her dress was just too beautiful not to take a shot.


So here they are.  In all their glory.  The ones that almost didn’t make it.  But the ones that I somehow love. xx

Special thanks to Jessica Jill Photo for having me along to second shoot on both these weddings.