make your memories

Hiya, I’m Sarah.  

I love photographing weddings of care free couples who let the wind blow through their hair,

laugh loudly, dance until they drop, sing with their eyes screwed shut and don’t sweat the small stuff;

just living in the moment, making their memories.   

we are folio


Every Picture Tells a Story:  #3:  the first one

Every Picture Tells a Story: #3:  the first one

#3:  the first one This is probably the first wedding I ever took pictures at.   There was no grand design, no plan, no ulterior motive of ever wanting to do this.  I just wanted to take some pictures.  I’d bought my first digital camera and...

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The Wellbeing Farm

The Wellbeing Farm

The Mighty Cowley's & the Party with Frills.   This story I can’t try to tell.  I would never be able to do it justice.  All I can ask is that you read the Cowley’s story from Becky’s beautiful blog: Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl.  It is one of the most...

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